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A prayer for marriage

By on March 30, 2018

Recently, at our friend’s wedding, I was touched by the prayer their pastor prayed over them during the ceremony.

The prayer was originally given by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran pastor who lived during World War II. Although once a pacifist, he participated in a plot to assassinate Hitler. He wrote this prayer for the last wedding he performed before he was arrested and placed in a Nazi concentration camp. He was executed two weeks before U.S. soldiers liberated the camp.

It’s amazing to me how even though times change, the trials and joys of marriage are largely the same. If we trust God to guide us through each day together, our marriages will no doubt be blessed.

O God of love, you have established marriage for our welfare and happiness. You had the design and the plan, and only with you can we work it out in joy.

Bless this husband, may his strength be her protection, his character be her boast and her pride, and may he so live that she will find in him the haven for which her heart longs.

Bless this wife; give her a tenderness that will make her great, a deep sense of understanding, and a great faith in you.  Continue to develop in her that inner beauty of soul that never fades.

Teach them that marriage is not living merely for each other; it is two uniting and joining hands to serve you.  Give them a spiritual purpose in life.  Help them to seek first your kingdom and your righteousness.

May they not expect that perfection of each other that belongs alone to you.  May they minimize each other’s weaknesses, and see each other through a lover’s kind and patient eyes.

Give them such assignments in your plan for them that will bless them and develop their character as they walk together.  Give them enough tears to keep them tender, enough hurt to keep them humane, enough of failure to keep their hands clenched tightly in yours, and enough success to make them sure they are walking in your footsteps.

May they never take each other’s love for granted but always experience that breathless wonder that exclaims, “Out of all this world God has given you to me.”

And when they come to the end of their days, may they be found then as now, hand in hand and still thanking that for each other.  May they serve you happily, faithfully and together until at last one shall lay the other into your arms. This is our prayer in the name of him who loved us and gave himself for us, Jesus Christ our Lord.  AMEN. ✨

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Home Sweet Home

Dining Room update

By on February 24, 2018

Not too many house updates, but THIS beaut has arrived.


Last year, I found a dining table that I LOVED in a furniture store in North Austin. Naturally, it was was ridiculously expensive. So I called up my own personal Clint, and asked him if he could make something similar for me.Of course he can! Not much the guy can’t do.

Meet our dear friends, Wes and Shannon Voges!! The dream team that is WV Woodworks.


Wes helped us with a gorgeous mantle, gave our laundry closet function, and fixed our ugly pantry wire shelving. (post on that coming soon!) When I’m asked what my “style” is, I never have a good answer. I just like what I like. Shannon has a great eye for design, and always helps me build a cohesive look for our home. They even let us come over and distress the table top! 🙂 SO fun!


Austin/Hill Country people, I highly recommend them for your custom woodworking needs!

Y’all know I’m obsessed with my rug. Definitely built the table around it. Couldn’t bare to cover it up, so we went with acrylic chairs. We debated over which ones to choose for months. Ultimately we went with the TOBIAS chair from IKEA, because they are so comfortable. My sweet dad spray painted all of them for me! We trade dental work for handy work 🙂

After reading several reviews, we went with Rust-Oleum champagne mist. It’s more of the brassy shade I was going for, rather than a yellow/orange gold. It has a built in primer. One month in, and we don’t have any scratches or chips. We’ll see how it holds up!

I am so thankful for the talented, skilled peeps I have in my life!! Makes me cherish our house all the more, knowing all the hands that helped make it into a home.


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Living the Life

peace be still

By on February 18, 2018


Heavenly Father,

I long for you. I long for the days you have promised us. Days free from fear, suffering, and pain. Free from shame, bitterness, and hatred.

I praise You, because I know You hold it all in your hands. No matter how big the waves, how dark the valley, You are with us every step.

You constantly pursue us, no matter how far we stray. Your unconditional love is overwhelming, and life changing. We deserve nothing, yet You give us everything.

As a country we have become self seeking, and self serving. We lack compassion for those who need it most. We pour our time, money, and energy into things that will never satisfy. Our ever dwindling attention spans keep us in a constant state of anxiety. Forgive us for being disobedient, and complacent. Let us remember your command to be STILL, and know that YOU alone are God.

Give us the discipline and strength we need to become the people You made us to be. Let your love and grace spill out of our hearts, and touch everyone around us.

Let us love the unlovable, and connect with people that look, think, and act nothing like us. Break our hearts, for what breaks Yours. Your perfect love is truly the only answer to heal our nation.

God, I pray that your presence is surrounding every mourning heart. I cannot imagine the pain, anger, and disbelief these families must be experiencing. I pray that you will strengthen their faith, and give them peace that surpasses all understanding.

Give the leaders of our country wisdom to navigate necessary changes in legislation. But more important than legislation, God, change the condition of every heart in this country. Give us compassion, and courage to walk alongside those fighting mental illness. Let us reach out to the lonely, and break down walls of isolation.

I know you are able. You are all powerful, and always good.

Strengthen our faith, Father. Banish our doubt. Let our hearts believe.





“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” Psalm 34:18

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Revelation 21:4

“My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.” Psalm 119:50



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I've been everywhere, man

Pura Vida part 2

By on January 16, 2018

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

We woke up that morning, and had an amazing breakfast at Cafe Milagro. Definitely recommend this place for coffee, breakfast, and great souvenirs to bring back home!  Dad found this sweet shirt on the beach. If you know about his Toyota obsession, this find is even sweeter.

We went back home to pack up, and the sun FINALLY came out!! We wanted to soak up as much as we could before flying back to San Jose that afternoon.


Once again, cannot recommend this house enough. There is plenty of room for a big group. It is very private, and everyone has their own space.


We took a nature air flight back to San Jose, to save us time on the road. My parents left early Wednesday morning, and we wanted to be able to spend a little time with Josh’s family before they left.

We have used Nature Air before, and had no problems. After the heart breaking crash on New Years though, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to use them again. 🙁

Tuesday afternoon

We booked one night at Xandari Resort, since it is close to Josh’s family finca, and the airport. I seriously wish we could have stayed longer. Gorgeous grounds, fabulous architecture and art. Great staff. Very impressed. Highly recommend if you have a few days to stay near San Jose. If you’re just flying in and out, I recommend San Jose Marriott.

Josh’s tio Oscar came to pick us up for a family cook out at their finca. Seriously one of my favorite nights of my life. Josh and his cousin Monica were the only bilingual ones, making communication difficult. But everyone did their best, and you could just feel the love! It was truly unforgettable. Sharing a meal with both of our families, in a place that feels like it could be the Garden of Eden.


On our way back to the hotel, Oscar stopped to show us this incredible lookout over San Jose. Gorgeous.IMG_2761


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

We said our goodbyes to my family, and spent the rest of the day exploring Xandari. It is amazing what they have done with that resort. Discovered so many waterfalls, an orange grove, and beautiful birds and animals.


Later we went to Gladys’ house, and had dinner with Oscar and Monica at a really cool restaurant called Apotecario in San Jose. Again if you have any time to spend in San Jose, highly recommend checking out the San Pedro district, near the university. There’s great shopping and cool concept restaurants.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

We spent alot of time hanging with Gladys this day. Grocery shopping, visiting… the things you take for granted when your grandparent is a world away! She is the best. She made up her mind that we were getting margaritas. This beautiful lady is 87 by the way. Amazing!


Later that evening, Oscar took us to a country club there called El Castillo. This was another one of my favorite parts of the trip. There is something incredible about seeing how another country celebrates Christmas. It reminds me of how heaven will be. All speaking different languages, but praising our same Savior. Incredible.




Friday, December 1, 2017

Our final full day in Costa Rica. Again, we spent alot of time with Gladys just enjoying our time together. Monica was done with classes for the day, so we went shopping. I picked up some really cute gifts from Hola Lola, all designed by Costa Rican artist Priscilla Aguirre. We stumbled across a local artisan holiday market! Score. The other pictures are just gorgeous yards and trees we happened to pass by. I am forever in awe of how lush it is there.


Gladys needed some ice, so we just walked around the corner to the puperia and got some. I love this pic of Josh. Mountains ahead, Gladys’ house is on the right. The puperia is behind me to my right. Talk about convenient. IMG_2935

The light was PERFECT outside, so I convinced Gladys and Josh to let me take a few pictures of them. I know they are both glad that I did. 🙂

Josh’s uncle Oscar is an architect by trade, but is very passionate about watercolor! He is an amazing artist. He gifted us with this amazing painting. You can follow his instagram account @oscarsanchoart. Cannot wait to get it framed!IMG_2956

We went to bed so thankful for the time we had with our family, and this sunset out of Gladys’ window was just the cherry on top.IMG_2961

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I've been everywhere, man

Pura Vida Day 1 -4

By on December 16, 2017

The Grahamblett’s have a few milestones this year. A college degree, 30th, and 50th birthdays… I feel so blessed! Love my fam so much. What better way to celebrate than to go to Costa Rica 🌸 I wish I could just pack up all the people I love and take them there. Most beautiful country, and people. SO chill. Josh is half Costa Rican, so we have gone a few times to visit his family there. Love it so much!

Friday November 25, 2017

This was a travel day. We got to the San Jose Marriott around 10 pm, and had late night coffee with Josh’s aunt, uncle and cousin. This hotel is PERF for flights that get in late. You can often find great deals with Southwest! 3.5 hour direct flight from Houston. Super clean, nice, and easy drive from the airport. They even have a complimentary airport shuttle that runs on the hour.

Saturday November 26, 2017

Woke up to the perfect tico breakfast at the hotel– black coffee, gallo pinto with a side of natilla (sorta like sour cream), fresh avocado, eggs, tocino (bacon), and maduros (fried sweet plantains). 😛 Picked up our rental car, and made the 3 hour drive along the coast to Manuel Antonio. Brief stop in Tarcoles to check out the gators. How many do you count in this picture? 😳

We were told that over the years, people would catch them and dump them here. A slaughterhouse is nearby, and dumps their waste at this site. So they never leave…. and just get bigger and bigger. 😳😳😳

Luckily there was a POPS nearby, and I could get my first fix of the trip. There’s nothing *that*special about this ice cream store, but they’re everywhere and you need to stop and try some of their tropical flavors. Like Guanabana. Saw this handsome guy there. Gallo pinto’s namesake.

Finally got to Manuel Antonio, and it was picture perfect. I did ALOT of research before booking a place, and it paid off. This was the most gorgeous house I have ever stayed in! Highly recommend Casa Samba.


Monkeys and toucans everywhere. Paradisio.

Finished unpacking and had dinner at Emilio’s. Cool cafe right around the corner from our place.

Sunday November 27, 2017

Woke up true princess style to our private chef Junior cooking a tico breakfast.

Sunrise there is around 5:30 am, but didn’t even care. Loved being able to do yoga on the patio, and sip coffee listening to nature. Zen AF. 😁


After breakfast we headed out to Manuel Antonio national park. Stopped for pipa on the way. Cheers to being 30 and 50 ❤️

We opted for a paid guide through the park, which was a great decision. We saw so many more animals, and learned so much more than if we had gone alone.

MAJOR TRIP HIGHLIGHT: sloth sighting. I love him. Sound on when watching the video 😂 commentary from our guide Leo is priceless.



After the tour we went back home to yet another fab meal made by chef Junior! Mahi mahi, yuca sticks, piccadilo… noms. * we drank American beer because the price of domestic there is INSANE! 4-5 x more to drink Imperial. Bummer. Also… a 12 pack of la croix was $26. 🤯

Monday November 28, 2017

Another day, another Tico breakfast. Hence why I gained a few lbs on this trip. WORTH it. Pilates class and then spa day with mom at Holis Spa. Perfect day in my book. No idea what the boys were doing. I think drinking beer on the beach. We met up afterwards for happy hour at El Avion. Super cool restaurant made out of a C-123 Fairchild cargo plane. Good drinks, but main draw is the view. 👌🏼


For our last night, we chose Ronny’s place. Awesome seafood, apparently even better view, but we went after sunset. Most hilarious bananas foster presentation.



Perfect first half, I would say.





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Home Sweet Home


By on October 21, 2017

It’s against my nature to post after pics of our house, because it feels unfinished. I’ve come to the realization that it will never be totally “finished” in my eyes. There’s also a factor of “decision fatigue”. I don’t want to just pick things out to get it over with, I’d rather LOVE what I choose. We’ve still got a ways to go, but have been enjoying it so much!

Without further ado…please enjoy PHASE 1 of our remodel.

Swipe the pics to see the change.


View of the living/dining area from the master bedroom.



Our current “dining room” situation. I just can’t bring myself to put a table in there yet. 🙂 Partly because I haven’t found one I love, partly because it’s an awesome dance floor.



View from the front door. Currently deciding what kind of tile we want to use around the fireplace.



View from the dining room. Currently in the process of collecting things for our gallery wall that will surround the TV.




My favorite part of this remodel by far has been the mantle our friend Wes created for us! He framed up this faux wall, and then installed this gorgeous beam with corbels that he made. He makes all kinds of things from cabinetry, to furniture! Check him out– WV Woodworks.

I found these chandeliers on Shades of Light. Sometimes you can find a sweet coupon code on their Facebook page! There are a ton of great options on this site.




You would think it’s easy to pick out a white paint color… nope! So many varying shades, tones, and temperatures. We settled on Sherwin William’s “Incredible White” for the walls. It’s got great warmth and brightnesss, without feeling too sterile. For the trim we used Sherwin Williams’ “Perfect Greige”. Our floors are from Lowe’s. They truly look and feel like wood, at a fraction of the price. Highly reccommend.




I’ve been searching for an oriental rug for years. They can be pricy, and I wanted ours to be perfect. This 35 year old rug on Ebay  was under $400, arrived in 3 days, and I could not be happier! They had a ton of great options in all different sizes.






Thanks for reading! 🙂 Will be posting more pictures soon.

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Home Sweet Home

Diary of a Real Life Remodel

By on August 18, 2017

When everyone else in elementary was racing home to watch Rocko’s modern life, Clarissa explains it all, and other such gems, I was dying to get home to watch Trading Spaces. I wanted to be Paige Davis when I grew up. I have loved home renovation shows my entire life.

So naturally, I thought I would be a pro whenever I got to have a fixer upper of my own. LOL. There is nothing glamorous about living in a construction zone, no matter what kind of filter HGTV puts on it.

This is my diary of the FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS we endured those 3 weeks. We are so fortunate, blessed, and privileged to get to do this on our first house. It has been a hilarious adventure.


Our bedroom/ living room/ dining room/ kitchen from April 30th to May 21st. 22 days of living in 110 square feet, and we still love each other!!

V for Victory.


May 1st: The dust tornado

Every other room in the house had pop corn ceilings removed and retextured, and a fresh coat of paint. Popcorn dust is straight up evil. We quickly discovered that the previous owners had textured over existing wallpaper… So this process took much longer than expected. Cute.


May 3rd: Delirium

By this time, the paint and texture fumes are taking their toll. There were screaming stray cats fighting outside our window at night. We’re low on sleep, and low on patience for the dust tornado, but so pumped that the popcorn is GONE!


May 8th: Home cookin’

When we got home from work, we were SO EXCITED to see that our kitchen had been cleaned up enough to have access to the fridge! Normally I love going out to eat, but it gets old (and expensive) when you’re eating 2-3 meals out per day. Our hodge podge findings in the fridge: scrambled eggs, and roasted broccoli for the WIN!!


May 12th: Showergate

You know how there are 5 million things to do when you move? Switch utilities, forward your mail, set up your internet, etc. Somehow in the midst of everything we forgot to switch our gas!  So we took cold showers for a week. They were *almost* refreshing, but there was no way I was going to stay in there long enough to put conditioner on my hair.  I also couldn’t find the box with my blow dryer in it, so this was my glam for 3 weeks. #iwokeuplikethis


May 15th: Mrs. Graham has had it

Long story short, I was DONE living in construction. I found a contractor that could get started on replacing our floors that Thursday. He said it would take 4 days to demo/install 1300+ sq ft. When I got home from work Monday, I decided to speed along the process, and ripped out every inch of carpet in the entire house.. in one hour…BY MYSELF! Josh asked me to wait, but there was no turning back. I was mad at this carpet. I needed it OUT of my life!



May 16th: Wide load 

Part 2 of the long story. I had an awful time dealing with Lowe’s to get our flooring in. Unending bouts of phone tag, lost paperwork, and plain laziness on their part. I finally tracked down 74 boxes of the flooring I needed at the Lowe’s in College Station, so what did I do? Drove over to Josh’s office, traded cars with him, and made a 5 hour round trip after work to pick it up. I have no experience hauling any kind of heavy load, and actually hate driving long distances by myself, but IT DIDN’T MATTER at this point. I wanted my life back. Once again, Josh asked me to wait for him to go with me, but it wasn’t happening.


Selfie with the floor before making the 2.5 hour drive back to Austin. Feeling like a #bosslady.

The boxes were stacked as tall as the cab, and yet the guys at Lowe’s told me I didn’t need straps. So the first turn I make out of the parking lot, everything slides to the right. I’m panicking. Thank the Lord for the most precious country lady that pulled over to help me strap it all in. I drove like a granny the rest of the way back.

Josh snapped this pic of me when I finally made it home! I was proud to say the least.


May 21st: Free at last

They finished up installing our floors (which I LOVE), and we were finally able to get our couches and things out of the garage. BEST feeling in the world. There is definitely more work to be done, but the biggest chunk is out of the way, and we are so happy with the results! Can’t wait to show you our detailed before and after pics!






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Home Sweet Home

Square One

By on


I thought getting married was the beginning of adulthood.

BOY, was I blissfully unaware of the responsibility of homeownership! So far this has been our most daunting, rewarding, exciting, exhausting, and totally-worth-it experience to date.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, we found THE one. 5 minute commute to work (hallelujer), walking distance to HEB (insert praise hand emoji), and in the cutest neighborhood with tons of trees.  We put an offer in, and closed 33 days later. God knows exactly what we need, and gives it to us in His perfect timing.

And so, on April 28th we began our hilarious attempt at remodeling an entire home, while living in it at the same time. Cue the delirium.

Check out these before pictures.



Kitchen Views


Master Suite

We are fortunate that the previous owners took great care of the house. Everything we are doing so far is cosmetic only. Knocking on wood that we don’t run into any major issues 🙂

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Healthy and Happy

Rich in Nutrient$

By on August 1, 2017

Growing up I had TERRIBLE eating habits.

If it was green, came out of the ground, or wasn’t topped with butter or cheese, you could count me out. I literally ate Casa Ole queso with tortillas, and Jason’s Deli Plain Jane baked potatoes 5 x per week in high school. BLESS. Then that glorious, youthful metabolism started disappearing REAL quick, and I had to have a come to Jesus meeting about my diet. It’s a slow process. I definitely have my cheat days (weeks), but 3 years later I’m feeling better than ever. Who knew that your body works better if you fuel it with good food instead of crap?

I find that if I try to count calories, I get depressed. I focus on intuitive eating. Eating until I’m full, and listening to my BODY about what to put in it. Dieting never worked for me. It’s all about developing a healthy lifestyle, and making consistent good choices. My hanger might WANT a donut or a block of cheddar, but I know that I’m going to pay for it later. Each day I just strive to make my meals/snacks packed with nutrients that are going to help me be the best version of myself.

My first healthy and happy post is our dinner from Sunday night. We considered getting Chinese takeout while we watched GOT s7e3 (Olenna Tyrell, so savage). But after a weekend of continued birthday celebrations, I knew we needed something to wrap up our weekend on a healthy note. This is what I rounded up from our fridge:

My version of a lox bagel (toast) and an almond butter/strawberry toast with honey 🙂

*note my precious pocket Orchid from my sist, Amy!! Love it.

** double note that AMAZING honey from the Graham apiaries in Milam County (one of Josh’s relatives 🙂 ) Picked this up at the family reunion this weekend!


Step 1. Make toast.

Step 2. Add yummy stuff on top.


  • Avocado
    • packed with monounsaturated fat, which reduces those LDL cholesterol levels
    • high in fiber
    • packed with Vitamin K (great for bone health), Vitamin C (boosts the immune system) and Vitamin E (antioxidant that helps prevent cataracts, Alzheimer’s, and PMS (thank ya, Lord))
  • Smoked Salmon
    • GREAT source of Omega 3’s
      • lower triglyceride levels in our blood (fat)
      • helps with depression, anxiety, and ADHD
      • great for people with arthritis, it can help curb joint pain and stiffness
    • Decreases risk of heart disease, and Alzheimer’s.
    • Great source of
      • potassium (crucial to heart function, skeletal and muscular contraction)
      • B12 (Nerve function, energy levels)
      • Selenium (antioxidant, helps fight inflammation)
  • Arugula
    • Vitamin A (promotes good eye health)
    • Vitamin K (essential for normal and healthy blood clotting)
    • Vitamin C (Gives you beautiful skin, and keeps you from getting sick)
    • Calcium (essential for strong, healthy bones and teeth)
  • Lemon
    • helps to alkalize the body
    • Vitamin C (neutralizes free radicals)
    • helps to detoxify the liver by dissolving uric acid and bile
    • Vitamin P (bioflavonoid) helps strengthen blood vessels




  • Almond butter
    • high in good monounsaturated fat
    • decreases risk of heart disease
    • helps regulate blood sugar
    • when compared to same serving size as peanut butter:
      • 3x more Vitamin E (remember that PMS 😉 )
      • 2x more iron (combats fatigue, prevents anemia)
      • 7x more calcium (great for bones, heart, muscles, and nerves)
  • Fresh Strawberries
    • Manganese
      • helps your body absorb vitamins and minerals
      • promotes proper Thryoid function which effects hormone levels, weight gain/loss, and metabolism
    • Potassium
    • High in HDL (good cholesterol)
    • Did you know that eating 8 strawberries gives you more Vitamin C than eating an orange?
  • Graham Honey
    • A drizzle of this is just like heaven! The honey in this jar was pollinated by bees that live near a cotton field. It was a treat to hear WK Graham talk about the last 50 years he’s spent working with bees in Milam County.

My father in law took this picture of WK at the reunion.


Proverbs 24:13-14 NIV

13 Eat honey, my son, for it is good;
    honey from the comb is sweet to your taste.
14 Know also that wisdom is like honey for you:
    If you find it, there is a future hope for you,
    and your hope will not be cut off.



I have sources for all the above info if anyone wants them.






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Living the Life


By on June 23, 2017

The Beginning


When Ash Wednesday rolled around this year, I knew what I had to give up. My Facebook app.

The convenience of the app on my phone made it so easy for me to mindlessly scroll through pictures, opinions, cat videos, recipes, makeup tutorials… you get the picture. It was a total time-suck for me.

Since 2006, I have somehow accumulated 1146 friends… love y’all but those political opinions, personal diary entires, and word vomit really started getting to me.

So on March 1, 2017, I clicked that little x on the Facebook app on my phone. When Easter rolled around, I was glad to be rid of it, and didn’t feel the need to download it again. I still check in on my computer every now and then, but for some reason scrolling on a laptop isn’t near as fun as the phone. Obviously Facebook is not the evil here, it’s my laziness!

I have talked about having a blog for years, but never had the drive to actually make it come to fruition. I have struggled with anxiety all my life, and always let the fear of what other people might think or say hold me back.

After being baptized one year ago,  I can truly feel God working on my heart to recognize what my true identity is- His child. I don’t have to worry about what people may think, because His opinion of me is all that matters.

And so this blog is born-

The Graham Scheme of Things

It’s a reminder to myself and to all who read it, to keep everything in perspective. To not sweat the small stuff. To not let anything dull your shine. To stay soft in a harsh world. To cherish each day, each person in your life, every conversation, every opportunity, ordinary or extraordinary. To “set your minds on things above” (Colossians 3: 2) Because in the grand scheme of things, we are responsible for the way we use our time on earth.  Basically- YOLO. Not in a reckless way, but in a mindful way.

I’m interested in everything, and an expert of nothing. So this blog is going to be a hodge podge of all the things. 

  • Fitness/ Health/ Healthy Recipes
  • Faith
  • Oral Health (y’all know I can’t leave that out)
  • Chronicling our 1980’s home remodel
  • Travels
  • Throwbacks
  • Texas everything
  • Lifestyle (wth does that even mean? miscellaneous i guess)

So that’s it. I’m gonna do my best. I don’t really even know what the internet is, so this is going to interesting to say the least. Love y’all. Mean it.

Hailee Graham


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