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Dining Room update

February 24, 2018

Not too many house updates, but THIS beaut has arrived.


Last year, I found a dining table that I LOVED in a furniture store in North Austin. Naturally, it was was ridiculously expensive. So I called up my own personal Clint, and asked him if he could make something similar for me.Of course he can! Not much the guy can’t do.

Meet our dear friends, Wes and Shannon Voges!! The dream team that is WV Woodworks.


Wes helped us with a gorgeous mantle, gave our laundry closet function, and fixed our ugly pantry wire shelving. (post on that coming soon!) When I’m asked what my “style” is, I never have a good answer. I just like what I like. Shannon has a great eye for design, and always helps me build a cohesive look for our home. They even let us come over and distress the table top! 🙂 SO fun!


Austin/Hill Country people, I highly recommend them for your custom woodworking needs!

Y’all know I’m obsessed with my rug. Definitely built the table around it. Couldn’t bare to cover it up, so we went with acrylic chairs. We debated over which ones to choose for months. Ultimately we went with the TOBIAS chair from IKEA, because they are so comfortable. My sweet dad spray painted all of them for me! We trade dental work for handy work 🙂

After reading several reviews, we went with Rust-Oleum champagne mist. It’s more of the brassy shade I was going for, rather than a yellow/orange gold. It has a built in primer. One month in, and we don’t have any scratches or chips. We’ll see how it holds up!

I am so thankful for the talented, skilled peeps I have in my life!! Makes me cherish our house all the more, knowing all the hands that helped make it into a home.


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