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June 23, 2017

The Beginning


When Ash Wednesday rolled around this year, I knew what I had to give up. My Facebook app.

The convenience of the app on my phone made it so easy for me to mindlessly scroll through pictures, opinions, cat videos, recipes, makeup tutorials… you get the picture. It was a total time-suck for me.

Since 2006, I have somehow accumulated 1146 friends… love y’all but those political opinions, personal diary entires, and word vomit really started getting to me.

So on March 1, 2017, I clicked that little x on the Facebook app on my phone. When Easter rolled around, I was glad to be rid of it, and didn’t feel the need to download it again. I still check in on my computer every now and then, but for some reason scrolling on a laptop isn’t near as fun as the phone. Obviously Facebook is not the evil here, it’s my laziness!

I have talked about having a blog for years, but never had the drive to actually make it come to fruition. I have struggled with anxiety all my life, and always let the fear of what other people might think or say hold me back.

After being baptized one year ago,  I can truly feel God working on my heart to recognize what my true identity is- His child. I don’t have to worry about what people may think, because His opinion of me is all that matters.

And so this blog is born-

The Graham Scheme of Things

It’s a reminder to myself and to all who read it, to keep everything in perspective. To not sweat the small stuff. To not let anything dull your shine. To stay soft in a harsh world. To cherish each day, each person in your life, every conversation, every opportunity, ordinary or extraordinary. To “set your minds on things above” (Colossians 3: 2) Because in the grand scheme of things, we are responsible for the way we use our time on earth.  Basically- YOLO. Not in a reckless way, but in a mindful way.

I’m interested in everything, and an expert of nothing. So this blog is going to be a hodge podge of all the things. 

  • Fitness/ Health/ Healthy Recipes
  • Faith
  • Oral Health (y’all know I can’t leave that out)
  • Chronicling our 1980’s home remodel
  • Travels
  • Throwbacks
  • Texas everything
  • Lifestyle (wth does that even mean? miscellaneous i guess)

So that’s it. I’m gonna do my best. I don’t really even know what the internet is, so this is going to interesting to say the least. Love y’all. Mean it.

Hailee Graham


  1. I love it!!! Congrats on making it happen!! I look forward to reading your heart!! I know I’m partial but your one amazing woman and have a sharp outlook and witty humor😂😂. Love you mucho grande!!

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