Home Sweet Home

Square One

August 18, 2017


I thought getting married was the beginning of adulthood.

BOY, was I blissfully unaware of the responsibility of homeownership! So far this has been our most daunting, rewarding, exciting, exhausting, and totally-worth-it experience to date.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, we found THE one. 5 minute commute to work (hallelujer), walking distance to HEB (insert praise hand emoji), and in the cutest neighborhood with tons of trees.  We put an offer in, and closed 33 days later. God knows exactly what we need, and gives it to us in His perfect timing.

And so, on April 28th we began our hilarious attempt at remodeling an entire home, while living in it at the same time. Cue the delirium.

Check out these before pictures.



Kitchen Views


Master Suite

We are fortunate that the previous owners took great care of the house. Everything we are doing so far is cosmetic only. Knocking on wood that we don’t run into any major issues 🙂

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