Home Sweet Home


By on October 21, 2017

It’s against my nature to post after pics of our house, because it feels unfinished. I’ve come to the realization that it will never be totally “finished” in my eyes. There’s also a factor of “decision fatigue”. I don’t want to just pick things out to get it over with, I’d rather LOVE what I choose. We’ve still got a ways to go, but have been enjoying it so much!

Without further ado…please enjoy PHASE 1 of our remodel.

Swipe the pics to see the change.


View of the living/dining area from the master bedroom.



Our current “dining room” situation. I just can’t bring myself to put a table in there yet. 🙂 Partly because I haven’t found one I love, partly because it’s an awesome dance floor.



View from the front door. Currently deciding what kind of tile we want to use around the fireplace.



View from the dining room. Currently in the process of collecting things for our gallery wall that will surround the TV.




My favorite part of this remodel by far has been the mantle our friend Wes created for us! He framed up this faux wall, and then installed this gorgeous beam with corbels that he made. He makes all kinds of things from cabinetry, to furniture! Check him out– WV Woodworks.

I found these chandeliers on Shades of Light. Sometimes you can find a sweet coupon code on their Facebook page! There are a ton of great options on this site.




You would think it’s easy to pick out a white paint color… nope! So many varying shades, tones, and temperatures. We settled on Sherwin William’s “Incredible White” for the walls. It’s got great warmth and brightnesss, without feeling too sterile. For the trim we used Sherwin Williams’ “Perfect Greige”. Our floors are from Lowe’s. They truly look and feel like wood, at a fraction of the price. Highly reccommend.




I’ve been searching for an oriental rug for years. They can be pricy, and I wanted ours to be perfect. This 35 year old rug on Ebay  was under $400, arrived in 3 days, and I could not be happier! They had a ton of great options in all different sizes.






Thanks for reading! 🙂 Will be posting more pictures soon.

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Home Sweet Home

Diary of a Real Life Remodel

By on August 18, 2017

When everyone else in elementary was racing home to watch Rocko’s modern life, Clarissa explains it all, and other such gems, I was dying to get home to watch Trading Spaces. I wanted to be Paige Davis when I grew up. I have loved home renovation shows my entire life.

So naturally, I thought I would be a pro whenever I got to have a fixer upper of my own. LOL. There is nothing glamorous about living in a construction zone, no matter what kind of filter HGTV puts on it.

This is my diary of the FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS we endured those 3 weeks. We are so fortunate, blessed, and privileged to get to do this on our first house. It has been a hilarious adventure.


Our bedroom/ living room/ dining room/ kitchen from April 30th to May 21st. 22 days of living in 110 square feet, and we still love each other!!

V for Victory.


May 1st: The dust tornado

Every other room in the house had pop corn ceilings removed and retextured, and a fresh coat of paint. Popcorn dust is straight up evil. We quickly discovered that the previous owners had textured over existing wallpaper… So this process took much longer than expected. Cute.


May 3rd: Delirium

By this time, the paint and texture fumes are taking their toll. There were screaming stray cats fighting outside our window at night. We’re low on sleep, and low on patience for the dust tornado, but so pumped that the popcorn is GONE!


May 8th: Home cookin’

When we got home from work, we were SO EXCITED to see that our kitchen had been cleaned up enough to have access to the fridge! Normally I love going out to eat, but it gets old (and expensive) when you’re eating 2-3 meals out per day. Our hodge podge findings in the fridge: scrambled eggs, and roasted broccoli for the WIN!!


May 12th: Showergate

You know how there are 5 million things to do when you move? Switch utilities, forward your mail, set up your internet, etc. Somehow in the midst of everything we forgot to switch our gas!  So we took cold showers for a week. They were *almost* refreshing, but there was no way I was going to stay in there long enough to put conditioner on my hair.  I also couldn’t find the box with my blow dryer in it, so this was my glam for 3 weeks. #iwokeuplikethis


May 15th: Mrs. Graham has had it

Long story short, I was DONE living in construction. I found a contractor that could get started on replacing our floors that Thursday. He said it would take 4 days to demo/install 1300+ sq ft. When I got home from work Monday, I decided to speed along the process, and ripped out every inch of carpet in the entire house.. in one hour…BY MYSELF! Josh asked me to wait, but there was no turning back. I was mad at this carpet. I needed it OUT of my life!



May 16th: Wide load 

Part 2 of the long story. I had an awful time dealing with Lowe’s to get our flooring in. Unending bouts of phone tag, lost paperwork, and plain laziness on their part. I finally tracked down 74 boxes of the flooring I needed at the Lowe’s in College Station, so what did I do? Drove over to Josh’s office, traded cars with him, and made a 5 hour round trip after work to pick it up. I have no experience hauling any kind of heavy load, and actually hate driving long distances by myself, but IT DIDN’T MATTER at this point. I wanted my life back. Once again, Josh asked me to wait for him to go with me, but it wasn’t happening.


Selfie with the floor before making the 2.5 hour drive back to Austin. Feeling like a #bosslady.

The boxes were stacked as tall as the cab, and yet the guys at Lowe’s told me I didn’t need straps. So the first turn I make out of the parking lot, everything slides to the right. I’m panicking. Thank the Lord for the most precious country lady that pulled over to help me strap it all in. I drove like a granny the rest of the way back.

Josh snapped this pic of me when I finally made it home! I was proud to say the least.


May 21st: Free at last

They finished up installing our floors (which I LOVE), and we were finally able to get our couches and things out of the garage. BEST feeling in the world. There is definitely more work to be done, but the biggest chunk is out of the way, and we are so happy with the results! Can’t wait to show you our detailed before and after pics!






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Home Sweet Home

Square One

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I thought getting married was the beginning of adulthood.

BOY, was I blissfully unaware of the responsibility of homeownership! So far this has been our most daunting, rewarding, exciting, exhausting, and totally-worth-it experience to date.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, we found THE one. 5 minute commute to work (hallelujer), walking distance to HEB (insert praise hand emoji), and in the cutest neighborhood with tons of trees.  We put an offer in, and closed 33 days later. God knows exactly what we need, and gives it to us in His perfect timing.

And so, on April 28th we began our hilarious attempt at remodeling an entire home, while living in it at the same time. Cue the delirium.

Check out these before pictures.



Kitchen Views


Master Suite

We are fortunate that the previous owners took great care of the house. Everything we are doing so far is cosmetic only. Knocking on wood that we don’t run into any major issues 🙂

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